Summer Peters : Unauthorized Use of The Boss's Phone

32 photos; 15:10 video

October 16, 2021

Summer is in Mr Big Boss's office talking on his phone without permission. She's talking about how bored she is and how there's nothing to do around the office when Mr Big Boss returns to the office and catches her. He snatches her up and takes some rope pulling her around to front of the desk. He grabs some rope and quickly binds her elbows and wrists tightly together. With her arms tightly bound her mouth is then stuffed with white cloth before silver tape is wound around her head sealing it in. Summer is then seated in the chair where each ankle is tied to it's own leg spreading her feet out a bit. A final rope is added binding her wrists and arms to the chair itself. He hikes her skirt up a bit before giving her some fondles before heading out leaving her bound to the chair. Summer remembering that the offices have cameras starts struggling wanting to put on a good show for the boss. She walks the chair a bit across the rug before Mr Big Boss returns with electrical tape which he uses to layer her gag even more tightly on her face. He then unbuttons her shirt before moving in and telling her that he's going to leave her like this a little bit longer before untying her to make sure she's learned her lesson. Summer struggles the chair across the floor even more but can't manage to make any slack in the tight knots holding her to the chair.

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