Adara Jordin & Elizabeth Andrews : Girlfriend Double Cross Hogtie

32 photos; 15:13 video

October 10, 2021

Adara is sitting on the couch with Lizz and they're watching television together. Lizz and Adara were catsuited up to go out on the town together but instead Lizz convinces her that they should play bondage games instead. She goes off to collect her bondage gear and returns quickly enough that one might think she planned this. Turning her around Lizz wastes no time binding first her wrists and then her elbows behind her back. Adara is then seated on the rug and her ankles bound together insuring that shes helpless and immobile. Straddling her lap Lizz inserts a black ballgag into Adara's willing and waiting mouth. Finally after having her roll over she hogties Adara and then unzips her catsuit a bit to fondle and play with her. Lizz finally reveals she intends to go to the party and that she was actually wanting to meet up with a girl to have some fun. But she didnt want Adara getting in the way of her plans. Lizz lets her know that she intends to leave her there while she goes off and parties much to Adara's dismay. Adara finds herself tightly hogtied and gagged and as it seems shell be that way for the long haul.

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