Belle Davis & Elizabeth Andrews : Office Rivalry, Bondage Style

68 photos; 20:57 video

August 22, 2021


Belle walks into the room a bit shy and unbelieving of what shes about to do but after giving some reports on the new gags and talking about how good the reviews are of them. She slyly states that she could try to find someone to try them out for her and she then leaves and returns after a bit with papers held in front of her face. When she pulls htem down shes wearing a leather plug panel gag. She hams it up a bit gag talking and showing off her legs while perched on the desk and eventually the boss leaves her to do some actual work. When we see Belle again shes ballgagged and seated at the desk typing with her legs crossed. Lizz soon enters and sits down in front of her taking a pair of panties and shoving them into her mouth before covering them up with strips of silver tape. Belle takes her handcuffed hands and removes her ballgag to talk more clearly to Lizz. Belle manages to talk Lizz into helping her with a little project that involves to a chair. Lizz gag talks a bit and then we move into to a chair re ballgagged and her wrists tied and ankles tied to the points of the chair. Belle struggles getting increasingly aroused by her situation. Lizz returns and while still gagged removes Belles ballgag and unbuttons her shirt. With her shirt unbuttoned and her stockings exposed Lizz gets the ballgag and replaces it into Belles willing mouth as she tries to fight off the embarrassment of being found by the Boss tightly bound and gagged in the chair. The boss returns and Lizz removes her gag talking about how she caught Belle slacking off while Belle protests through her gag. Lizz finishes her case by taking a bright scarf and cleave gagging herself with it. Next we find Lizz all alone in the office still gagged with a cleave which she quickly removes. She calls out to see if anyone is around and when shes convinced that they arent handcuffs her wrists in front of herself and then packs her mouth regagging herself with strips of silver tape. She has a bit of fun and unbuttons her shirt before being discovered by the boss. Finally Belle is in the office break room gagged in her lingerie before she knows it though Lizz enters with her mouth gagged but this time her arms and elbows are tightly bound behind her back. Belle knows what this means and its that one of them is about to get transferred. They notice the boss in the corner and play to the camera (POV) to appeal to him to pick them to stay on at this branch of the company. They pose and push and shove a bit trying to make sure that theyre the one that the boss ends up noticing and keeping.

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