Pepper Sterling: New Secretary tied up tight on the office desk

32 photos; 16:38 video

August 19, 2021

Pepper walks into the office with the Boss waiting on her. Mr. Big Boss decided to take a hands on approach with new secretary Pepper Sterling. He introduces her to the concept of being tied up and gagged all the time at the office and then starts her bondage. He tests her arm flexibility by binding her arms tightly behind her back. Her elbows went together easily and were basically laying on top of each other. Mr. Big Boss then turned Pepper to face him, he shoved a huge scarf in her mouth and wrapped wide microfoam around her head to secure it in.


With her arms secured behind her back and her mouth full of stuffing, the Boss then asked her to sit on the desk. He ties her ankles together while admiring her high heels. He adds a body cinch around her waist and arms to secure her arms tighter to her body. Next, comes the hogtie but before he can do it the Boss needs to reposition Pepper on the desk. He picks her up and puts her where he wants her. Before putting her into the hogtie, the Boss unbuttons her blouse and reveals large natural breasts. He continues to add ropes to her bondage, cinching her body down tight to its self until she can barely move. You can tell she is really enjoying it because she is smiling behind the gag and in her eyes. The Boss surprises her when he starts to tie rope into her hair and then her upper body and head back. Mr. Big Boss takes some cell phone pictures of Pepper to show the guys over lunch. He then leaves her there to enjoy her first day on the job, tied up tight on the desk with no where to go.

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