Elizabeth Andrews : A Rosy Ass and Tight Bondage HD

34 photos; 12:52 video

August 16, 2021

Mr. Big Boss came into my office frustrated with his work day. A particular secretary with an attitude possibly lost one of our best clients. On top of that, Mr. Johnson was working Mr. Big Boss' nerves as well. The Boss came into my office with the intention of letting off some steam. I figured he just wanted to tie me up tightly but there was more to it than that.


First, he lashed my arms behind my back tightly. My wrists were pinned together so tight that I could barely move them. The Boss then shoved a huge ball gag in my mouth. He then commanded me to stand in front of my desk with my legs spread apart. He lifted my dress up over my ass to reveal my pantyhose and the fact that I wasn't wearing panties. He then told me to hold that position. My legs began to quiver as I stood in front of my desk with my legs apart and my arms thrust in the air. The Boss soon returned and started to let out his frustrations...


He grabbed the base of my pony tail ( to use as a handle ) and then started spanking my ass. My ass started to get hot as he continued to spank me. I whimpered and yelled out behind the ball gag as his big hand made contact with my ass. I was begging, silently, that he would finish soon. I didn't know how much more I was going to be able to take of it. Every time he hit me, I would jolt forward, my feet coming out of my high heels.


He stopped. I felt the heat on my ass with my bound hands. I bet it had a nice rosy tint to it. The Boss picked up some rope and tied a shoulder harness on. He then threaded the rope through my elbow cinch and lifted my arms into a chicken wing. It did not feel good!!! I whimpered behind the gag and the agonizing tension running through my shoulders. The Boss added another rope around my waist, pinning my wrists to the small of my back. He tied my ankles together and then started to slap my pussy hard. It stung so bad with every slap. After he was done with that, he rubbed it to make it feel a little better. I knew he was frustrated but I didn't know how much!!! Soon after he left my office. I was still tied up in that agonizing arm bondage. I struggled around and made it back to the front of my desk. I bet the Boss was in his office watching me, while he relieved the rest of his frustrations.

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