Crystal Frost - Damsel or Dishes

16 photos; 13:10 video

August 7, 2021

Crystal was sitting on the couch relaxing after her and David ate a nice meal when the age old subject of who has to do the dishes comes up. They debate a bit about who should do them before David talks to her about a bit of a deal he wants to make. He lets her know that he'll do the dishes if she'll let him tie her up. She agrees and he leaves and comes back with some rope. Crystal crosses her hands in front of her but David's not having any of that. He makes her put her arms behind her and starts binding her wrists. She asks him how he learned to do all this stuff with rope and he tells her “the internet”. With her wrists secured he moves onto her ankles and gets her high heeled feet nicely tied together. He unbuttons her blouse and stuffs a ballgag in her mouth as Crystal quickly realizes that she's no longer interested in playing this game and that she wishes she'd just done the dishes instead. With her tightly bound at the wrists and ankles and ballgagged David then moves on to tightly bind Crystal's elbows together. Crystal starts squirming around with her breasts exposed as David has her get down on the floor and begins to take another rope and add a nice tight cinch just below her crotch. With her legs extra bound he moves her onto her butt and starts adding a body cinch to pin her arms tightly to her body making escape that much more difficult. With those ropes completed David goes off to finally get started on those dishes and leaves her there to struggle on the floor of the living room. David comes back and tells her that he's going off to the bar to have some fun with his buddies and he starts taking pics of her with his cell phone to show them what he's done to her as he walks out the door. Crystal gets massively angry at the thought of being shown off that way and also being left bound and gagged on their floor. Left alone Crystal tries desperately to get free to avoid being left bound and gagged like that for the countless hours David is likely to be gone but unfortunately she can't budge a single knot and resigns herself that she'll likely be just as he left her when he returns.

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