Candle Boxxx - Things Get a Little Sticky

43 photos; 17:21 video

July 26, 2021


Candle is dragged into her living room wearing tight jeans and white socks. The man wrestles her to the ground. She twists and turns and breaks free from his grip several times as she desperately tries to get away. After a long struggle, he reaches for some duct tape to try to secure the extra feisty woman. He her arms behind her back to secure them but she spins around pulling out of his hands once again. She even throws the tape across the room leaving him to chase after it while stilling keeping a tight grip on her.


After a while, he finally gets her arms pulled behind her and tapes her arms together at the elbow with duct tape. She's still not giving up though and tries to buck him off of her several times. He continues tapping her arms getting her wrists tightly bound next. With her arms taken out of commission, Candle is a lot easier to handle and he goes on to her legs next. He tapes her ankles together and then folds her legs in half at the knee and winds more tape around her thighs and calves locking them together.


The man was going to be nicer about it but since Candle made him work so hard, he unbuttons her blouse to take a look at the goods so to speak. He then removes her little white socks leaving her barefoot and stuffs them in her mouth. He winds more silver tape around her head. She rolls around on the floor frustrated cursing the man though her full mouth, but she can't escape all the tape keeping her tightly bound.

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