Drea Morgan - Truck Bed Hostage Transported and Left

17 photos; 17:29 video

July 23, 2021

Drea has been rushed by an evil man and finds herself bound and in the process of being gagged while in the back of his pickup truck. With her mouth stuffed with a large white cloth the man takes a roll of microfoam and wraps it tightly around her head sealing the gag in before driving off with her in the bed of his truck. As the large engine roars with the pantyhose and high heel clad Drea in tow in the back she moans through the gag hoping that some how she'll find a way out of this jam. She struggles and rolls around in the back of the moving truck with a nice view of her legs coming into frame as the lights from the passing streets illuminate her. Finally the truck comes to a halt and she sits up to figure out where she is but she can't seem to recognize. All she can tell is that she's arrived somewhere with a parking deck as the truck circles up and further up taking her to an unknown fate. The man comes back and opens up the back of the truck. She whines realizing that he's come to grope her a bit and carry her off. He undoes a hogtie rope that he'd done trying to secure her up and carries her across the parking deck to a parking structure where he immediately starts groping her. Finally he decides to just leave her to her vices there in the parking structure and he wanders off leaving Drea tightly tied and leaning against a cold block wall.

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