Belle Davis - Familiar Face, Unfamiliar Situation

25 photos; 13:49 video

July 20, 2021

Belle is in a bad spot she broke down on the side of a pretty rural road and luckily for her someone she actually recognizes comes along. She doesn't know David that well but she's glad to at least see someone that she knows. Unfortunately for her David is a bit of an opportunist and shoves Belle into the car head first and binds her tightly. Her mouth is stuffed with a large white cloth and silver tape is wrapped tightly around her head gagging her solidly and effectively. He finishes up her rope with a nice tight hogtie and then starts the car up riding off with a very Belle stored in the back. Belle struggles mightily as the man tells her of the plans he has for her back at his place and she really starts vocalizing through the gag at that point as the XXXX of whats going down really starts to set in on her. David takes a quick stop at a stop sign as an opportunity to get some nice quick gropes in on Belle before riding off again towards their eventually destination. Belle does her best to raise her level in the car to see where she's going but the hogtie makes it too difficult to see over the doors and out the windows, and she can only moan in desperation as she hears cars roaring past them not knowing what David has for cargo inside his vehicle. Finally he gets to where he's going and gets some nice gropes in before untying her legs and hogtie rope and bringing her into the building. Pushing her to the floor he reties her ankles and hogtie rope, this time pulling the hogtie very tight by lifting up on her ankle ropes before tying it off. He gets a few choice squeezes in on poor Belle's exposed nipples before letting her know that he's going to leave her there for a bit to try to calm some of the fight out of her. Belle rolls around and sadly for her can't manage to budge any of the tight ropes holding her hostage so she's left to just wait on whatever comes next for her bound and gagged tightly as she is in David's lair.

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