Ludella Hahn & Nyxon - Taped Together

32 photos; 15:05 video

July 17th, 2021


The man Nyxon into the mostly empty room and pulls her hands behind her back. He wraps his legs around her and tapes her wrists together behind her back. She squeals and screams at him to let her go, but he doesn't seem to like that idea. He jerks her to a standing position and winds the silver tape around her elbows making her even more vulnerable. She tries to run away, but he grabs her by the tape bundle and pulls her back to him and stuffs her mouth with a big pair of panties. To seal the gag, he uses more silver tape and winds it around her head. He attacks her legs next and tapes them together at the ankles and just above the knee. Nyxon kicks her feet and tries to yell at the man through the gag, but he isn't taking her very seriously.


The man leaves Nyxon alone to go in search of another girl and she struggles hard on the counter, shifting and sliding around. He comes back and unbuttons her blouse to show off her bare breasts. She cries out loudly under the tape. He then uses more tape to lash her arms to her body and adds a few more wraps to her ankle tape bondage. He's still not done though; he secures her legs together below the knee as well. She yells out at the man, screaming in anger.


A redheaded woman is pulled into the room next to Nyxon. The tall blonde man holds her tightly and gets her taped up tightly to mirror Nyxon. Ludella tries everything to get away from this man, even tries to bribe him, but it doesn't work. After exposing her breasts, he leaves them both alone to find some more tape to use on the lovely duo. As soon as he's out of ear shot, they both scream out, calling for help. Ludella squirms to make it to a standing position and starts to try to hop away.


The man comes back in just in time to catch Ludella making her hopping escape. She quickly hops backwards away from him hoping she didn't make things worse for her. He pairs them back on the counter together and uses the roll of tape to tape their legs together above the knee and at the ankle to ensure they couldn't make another hopping attempt. After they struggle for a while, he returns and cuts them from one another, but only so he can load them up for the next part of their journey. He tosses Ludella over his shoulder and carries her out to the van then comes back and grabs Nyxon as well.

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