Anna Lee : Struggling to Escape

33 photos; 11:58 video

July 7, 2021

Anna Lee walked into the office where Mr. Big Boss was waiting for her. He explained to her what he needed from her and she seemed to take his instructions light heartedly. The Boss then explained the repercussions of what would happen if Anna wasn't properly prepared in this drill. The company doesn't want to lose any of its' secretaries especially because of lack of training. The Boss tied Anna's arms tightly behind her back and a look came over her face. He then shoved a bright colored scarf in her mouth and wrapped clear packing tape around her head. She didn't look very happy. The Boss told her to get down on the floor, on her stomach. Anna did as he said. He tied her ankles together as she laid on the floor thinking how she was going to escape. Her arms were already feeling the effect of the tight rope bondage. Once the Boss was done with her ankles, he looped another rope around her ankle cinch and pulled her legs closer to her body. He took the same rope and looped it multiple times around her wrist rope before knotting it off at her elbows. A look of displeasure ran through Anna's face as she realized it was going to be hard to get out of this.


Anna fumbled with the knots on her wrists, trying to figure out the placement but the hogtie rope was covering the knot up. She became frustrated fast. She rolled from side to side, hoping to loosen one of the knots. When that didn't work she pulled on her hogtie rope thinking that the knot might be loose and it would just come undone, instead she tightened it. Anna was not happy. She kicked off one of her high heels, revealing her stocking foot. She twisted her hips to and fro. Her eyes were and her mouth was packed full of bright colored silk. She didn't give up though. She continued to struggle in hopes of loosening just one knot, making progress somewhere... anywhere.


Finally, after Anna struggled for a while, Mr. Big Boss came back in to the office. He untied her hogtie rope and lifted her off the floor, over his shoulder. He announced that one of the executives in the board room wanted a closer look at her... and off they went.

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