Michelle Petite: Stood up and cinched down

27 photos; 17:41 video

July 4, 2021

Mon Petite is a new secretary at the office and Mr. Big Boss wanted to test her out in the warehouse. He leads her into the room. She is wearing a tight pink silk blouse, short black mini skirt, wide black belt and peep toe pumps. The Boss starts with her arms and ties her elbows and wrists so tight that her forearms are touching. She wiggles her ass in front of the Boss, hoping to impress him. He jokes with her about how much rope she is going to receive and she laughs, not taking him seriously. Mr. Big Boss moves to the gag and she opens her lips so he can stuff her mouth full of cloth. She holds the red cloth in her mouth for him, being a good secretary, while he prepares the tape. He applies the first layer of micro foam tape over her lips and continues to wrap it around her head until the tape is completely gone.


She hmmpfs behind her tight gag as Mr. Big Boss applies more rope to her upper body. She wiggles against the bonds as he ties a chest harness, emphasizing her breasts. He ties a body cinch afterwards, pulling her arms into her body. Her arms are bound super tight with the four ropes and Mon Petite likes it. She smiles behind her gag and shimmies her body to and fro in her bondage.


The Boss slides her skirt up her legs and starts to add rope to them. He starts with her ankles, then her knees and finishes with her thighs. Mon Petite wiggles her hips and rubs her sexy legs together. Another rope is added and this time it is a crotch rope. The rope shows off her curves even more. To help his view, the Boss pulls Mon Petite's breasts out of her bra, her nipples already hard from the excitement. He takes this time to run his hands over her small curvy body, paying close attention to her legs. She wiggles her hips for him again, to show him that she appreciates his work. The Boss picks up yet another piece of rope and adds a lower waist cinch, making it the 6th rope on her arms. He then adds a final piece of rope to attach her to the hoist above her head.


Mon Petite wiggles and squirms while moaning behind her gag. She loves being trussed up so tightly by the Boss and wouldn't have it any other way.

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