Elizabeth Andrews : Latex catsuit and inflatable butterfly gag

30 photos; 17:39 video

July 1, 2021

I walked across the room wearing a black latex catsuit and 6.3 inch leather peep toe pumps. The Boss informed me to gag myself with the butterfly gag he left on my office chair. He would meet up with me shortly. I stood in the center of the room, shoving the rubber gag in my mouth. It felt awkward. There was a pump attached. I gave the pump a small squeeze and the gag inflated in my mouth. My eyes got big as my mouth filled with air. I heard the Boss coming so I released the valve. Mr. Big Boss picked up an open mouth head harness and pulled the pump through the hole. He then buckled the harness on tightly. I was glad that the harness helped hold the gag in my mouth.


Once the gag was in place, the Boss gave the pump 3 quick squeezes. The gag quickly inflated in my mouth and I made a slight squeal. My cheeks expanded. It felt like the gag was trying to push its way out of my mouth. Drool started to accumulate. I noticed strings of drool flowing down the tube connecting the gag and pump. The Boss was tying my arms together behind my back. I kept trying to dodge the drool that was now hitting my toes. Mr. Big Boss moved down to my ankles and lashed them together. I instantly became off balance. The super arched high heels were making me unstable. I quickly found my center of gravity but not for long.


Mr. Big Boss tied a piece of rope to the D-ring on top of the head harness. He then pulled my head back and attached the rope around cinched elbows. All the drool that was accumulating in my mouth started to flow down my throat. I couldn't readjust my head to swallow properly. I found a way to manage the saliva just as the Boss pumped the gag up more. He groped and fondled me before he increased the hardness of my predicament. The Boss tied a rope around my neck, knotting it off so it wouldn't tighten too much. He pulled the rope down to my ankles to tie it off, me to bend over and my arms to raise in the air. I wobbled in my high heels but at least I still sort of had my arms to flex out to help my stability. Mr. Big Boss must have known what I was thinking because soon he took those completely away too. He cinched my arms to my body, constricting my waist. After he was done, he came in front of me and pumped the gag again.


The Boss left me in the room alone. I moved as much as I could, which involved twisting my upper body and bending my knees. I was stuck and my mouth was full of rubber and air. My legs were starting to burn from the bent over tie. Thankfully the Boss came back and untied the rope that was connecting my neck and ankles. He grabbed me by the throat to help steady me. The Boss gathered the rope and pulled me across the room. My head was backwards the entire time he led me around, I barely could tell where I was going. He took a few moments to enjoy the tightly bound latex package in front of him. He ran his hands over my body, squeezing and groping whatever he pleased, he knew it was his property. The Boss faced me towards the door and gathered the rope again. He wanted private time with me in his office and he led me towards it...

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