Pepper Sterling : Late Night Leather Strap Hogtie

41 photos; 13:15 video

June 16, 2021

Itd been a while since Pepper had any time with Mr Big Bos sand so he managed to schedule some after hours bondage time. Making sure that Pepper is dressed in tight latex he wastes no time getting an armbinder up on her arms and lacing it before pulling the yoke around her shoulders and buckling it. A collar and head harness panel ballgag follows silencing Pepper from idle secretarial chatter. A bit of led walking and a few cell phone shots and Mr Big Boss heads off to make sure that all is well in the office. Pepper moves around enjoying her high heels, pantyhose, latex and tight leather armbinder. Eventually though Mr Big Boss returns placing her down on his rug and buckling her ankles tightly before adding a blindfold and pulling her sharply back into the leather strap hogtie. Pepper strains in her bondage the effort in her breathing obvious as she strains to deal with the intense arch. Mr Big Boss returns right before the end to release her hogtie strap after a good few minutes being held in such an intense bowed arch.

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