Arielle Lane - Blue Catsuit, Gwen Hood, Neck Rope, and Spreader Bar

14 photos; 15:06 video

April 7, 2021

Arielle finds herself in a blue catsuit and gwen hood standing in a mostly white room.  A posture collar is put on her and she fidgets nervously till David spins her around and binds her arms behind her back.  Her collar is then pulled tight to the ceiling and her neck bends slightly at the newfound pressure.  Her ankles are bound crossed just to make things a lot more interesting and David leaves her to struggle like this for a bit.  Not one to let that be the only challenge her ankles are then cuffed to a spreader bar that pushes her feet out so much that the sides of her soles are what contact the ground.  Another tightening of the leg rope and she’s left to suffer a bit longer.  David then turns her around to make sure you get a good look at both views and after smacking her inner thighs a bit leaves her to struggle again. 

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