Michelle Petite: Lunch break fantasy

38 photos; 15:03 video

April 1, 2021

Michelle was done with lunch and had a few minutes to spare before she had to get back to the mundane task of answering the phone and filing reports. Her own Boss never tied her up or did anything fun with her. She was jealous of how Mr. Big Boss treated his personal secretaries and wished he was her Boss. Michelle started to think how the scenario would play out...


Michelle was sitting at the Boss' desk, looking through his briefcase which he left open on his desk. There was rope, tape and cloth. Her own boss' briefcase was nothing like this. Michelle picked up the items in the case and started to examine them closer when Mr. Big Boss came into the office. She was forward with him and told him exactly what she wanted. Michelle was nothing like that in real life. She was timid and nervous around most men. She caught them looking at her curvy body when she passed by but was too shy to flirt with them.


The Boss grabbed Michelle and tied her arms behind her back. He quickly moved to her gag and shoved a blue cloth in her mouth before wrapping silver tape tightly around her head. He moved her over to the corner of the office to have more room to work. Mr. Big Boss tied her curvy legs together and groped her body before leaving her standing in the corner. Michelle thrust her body against the ropes. She seductively wiggled in her bondage until the Boss came back and pulled her perky tits out of her top. He then picked up the petite secretary and placed her on the ground where he finished her bondage. Michelle squirmed in the tight ropes while moaning behind the silver tape gag. The was the best day at the office she had had in a long time, too bad it was only a fantasy.

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