Arielle Lane - Dance Audition Gone Wrong

26 photos; 13:36 video

March 19, 2020

Arielle Lane is auditioning for a music video and David is giving her a good look over. Quickly grabbing her he spins her around and takes some rope binding her wrists together as shes being bound to test her flexibility. Quickly Arielle finds her elbows and wrists bound together and before she knows it the man has put a black ballgag into her mouth as well. At this point shes not quite sure that this is on the up and up, but shes got no choice but to go along with it as he brings out more rope and adds a bit around her waist pinning her arms to her torso. Shes moved to the floor where her ankles are bound next and shes lowered to the ground on her stomach. A final hogtie rope is added before the man tells poor Arielle that shes been duped and that he just really liked her outfit so she got the bondage treatment instead. The man laughs as she realizes whats going on and starts moaning and struggling in earnest. But she can only do those two things as he walks away leaving her waiting on what is to happen next.

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