Maria Marley - Tightly Bound and Tormented

15 photos; 13:37 video

March 16, 2020

Maria was watching TV in her living room when she was suddenly surprised by a man who quickly jumps on her grabbing her and her to bend over the couch while simultaneously grabbing rope and pulling her hands together behind her back to bind them. With her wrists bound the man moves down to her ankles and binds them tightly next while she moans at the rough treatment and taunting nature the man is using to speak to her. She gets caught as she sits up to try to roll away and the man uses the opportunity to shove a cloth into her mouth and tape it in gagging her after a brief struggle. With her mouth gagged the man binds her elbows next before rolling her down onto her belly where shes left one shoe on and one shoe off. Maria struggles while the man is surveying her property but she cant manage to move any of the ropes off of her and when the man returns shes still bound and gagged quite tightly. She makes another attempt to escape from him by hopping away on her knees but the man just goes and grabs her taking the opportunity to get a few gropes in. Maria loses her other shoe while being moved over to the rug and shes then tightly hogtied. The man taunts her a bit about hopefully her having someone to realize shes missing and to come untie her. With a pat on the hip hes off, leaving Maria to struggle in her tight bondage and mouth filling gag on her living room floor till someone finds her.


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