Enchantress Sahrye - Hogtied In The Grass

37 photos; 12:53 video

March 13, 2021

Sahrye finds herself wrestled into a clearing by a man who XXXX her to the ground binding her wrists immediately behind her back. Her ankles are bound tightly next before the man comes up and shoves her mouth full with a red cloth sealing it with white microfoam tape. With Sahrye silenced shes XXXX over onto her stomach and her elbows are tightly bound together. With her mostly secured he pulls out one more rope and attaches it to her ankles before shoving her over onto her stomach and binding her arms to her ankles effectively hogtying her. A few gropes to her breasts after he ties her up and the man pats her butt and leaves her to struggle in the grass. Sahrye rolls around gag talking and trying to both escape her bonds and potentially alert someone to her predicament but she manages neither before the man returns. He has some fun with her groping her and laying down on the grass beside her before pulling her across his lap and getting a few choice gropes in. Eventually the man tires of taunting poor Sahrye and leaves her to struggle in the grass on the cold, hard, ground.

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