Dear Mr. Big Boss, I love it when you gag me tight. Love, Dixie Comet

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March 10, 2021


I was cleaning up the office one day after work and found a piece of paper on the ground. I went to throw it away but decided to make sure it wasn't an important document first. I started to read the letter and it was to Mr. Big Boss from one of the secretaries, Dixie Comet. In it she expressed how much she enjoyed being tied up by him.


The letter started off....



Dear Mr. Big Boss,


I just wanted to express my feelings about our meeting the other day. I really appreciate you taking the extra time to train me further. To tell you the truth I was nervous sitting in that room waiting for you. It was the first time we have had a solo training session and I wanted to impress you. The small talk we had while you tied my wrists tightly behind my back really helped calm my nerves. When you complimented me on my black ankle strap high heeled sandals, I blushed a little. I was glad you were tying my ankles together so you couldn't see. I enjoyed the feeling of your hands going in between my legs, brushing my nylons, to cinch my ankles down tight. I even made sure my toes were painted a pretty pink for this meeting! I'm not sure if this is in my personal file or not but I love tight gags. So when you shoved those huge lavender panties in my mouth and wrapped the silver tape over it - I was in heaven. I saw you pick up the black electrical tape and my knees went weak. I was a little embarrassed when a sigh of joy slipped out of my lips as you wrapped the electrical tape tightly around my face. I was so caught up in the ecstasy of the gag that I barely remember you tying my elbows and then cinching my arms down to my body.


The next thing I remember, I'm laying on the ground in a tight hogtie and you are tickling me to make me wiggle for you on the ground. I was a little disappointed when you left to attend to other duties, we were having so much fun with my gag talk, but I knew you were watching me from your office on the surveillance camera. I made sure to wiggle and squirm just for you. I struggled and hmpfed all over the floor showing off my bra and panties. And then as if you were reading my mind you came back in the room to add more rope to my bondage. The rope you tied to cinch my ankles down to my thighs made it harder to struggle for you. But I tried my best as hmpfs of pleasure leaked from my mouth.


I hope you enjoy my letter Mr. Big Boss. I just wanted to let you know what kind of effect you had on this secretary during our training session.



Dixie Comet

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