Pepper Sterling - Bound and Out of the Way

20 photos; 17:59 video

March 1, 2021

Pepper is on the phone talking about how she's got all the evidence to expose a specific bad guy. Completing her call she heads home but as she's on her way into her living room to relax on her couch she's rushed from behind. The man holds her arms behind her back and unfurls some rope binding her elbows behind her back. He moves on down to her wrists wrapping rope around them and cinching it off effectively paralyzing her hands. Her ankles are bound next and with them done the man sits her up shoving a white cloth into her mouth and wrapping silver tape around her head sealing it in. After getting Pepper completely restrained the man heads off to make preparations to take her away from there to further protect his boss from her information. He comes back and stands her up her to stand and putting her over his shoulder. With the fade in he's pushing her towards an old mattress on a basement floor where he shoves her down and starts rebinding her ankles. With her ankles bound again he takes the opportunity to give her tits a few gropes before adding a hogtie rope to her situation. With a few more gropes he heads off leaving her to struggle on the mattress. He returns to give her a few more taunts and gropes before heading back out leaving her bound on the mattress much to her dismay. Pepper struggles and moans on the mattress but can't manage to budge any knots as she suddenly and slowly realizes that she's a bondage toy till the man who has her says otherwise.

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