AJ Marion - New Secretary at D.I.D endures really tight hogtie from Mr. Big Boss

23 photos; 14:15 video

February 4, 2020

Mr. Big Boss is testing the new Secretary, AJ Marion, out on her flexibility and endurance. She walks into his office wearing a grey blouse, tight black skirt, and high black strappy high heels. After a brief introduction, Mr. Big Boss gets to work. He lashes AJ's arms tightly together, her forearms to touch. He then shoves a scarf in her mouth and wraps vetrap around her head tightly before adding yet another rope to her arms. The last arm rope, cinches her arms down tight to her body so she can't pull them away.


He picks AJ up and sits her on the counter so he can better tie her ankles together. Once they are tightly lashed together, he picks her up again and places her on the floor. He instructs AJ to roll onto her stomach so he can add more rope to her body. Mr. Big Boss ties a cinch in between her high heels, making it hard for her to wiggle her feet. With the left over rope from the high heel tie, he loops it around her waist rope, pulling her legs closer to her body. The Boss then grabs another piece of rope and adds a hair tie that is connected to her high heels, her upper body to lift off the ground. Finished applying rope to the new Secretary, AJ, Mr. Big Boss takes some pictures to share with the other executives. He is a very busy man and has a lunch meeting to attend. He leaves AJ tightly secured on the floor to see how much she can struggle and how long she can endure the hogtie.


While he is gone, AJ Marion tries to struggle around on the floor but the hogtie is so cinched down that it is hard for her to move at all!!!!!

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