Johannie - Tape Tied Booted Babe

20 photos; 12:50 video

November 16, 2020 

Johannie is dressed in tight jeans, a turtleneck sweater, and thigh high boots. She's dressed for a fun casual evening with friends but instead she's been grabbed by a large masked man who has other plans for her. XXXX towards a pole in the room her arms are pulled behihnd and quickly taped together. The man pulls more tape from the roll and winds it repeatedly around her body pinning her more to the pole. Shoving a large white cloth into her mouth more silver tape is wound around her head till she's moaning into a large tight gag instead of voicing her displeasure. Moving down her lovely curves the man takes more tape and winds it around her ankles and behind the pole followed by giving her thighs the same treatment. She's horrified when she realizes that he's not done and returns with another roll winding more around her upper body forcing her to stand with her back up against the pole. After struggling a bit on her own the man returns taking more tape and winding it around her knees as she squeals about her increasing bondage. Johannie gets very serious about escaping when the man leaves her this time however, jumping up in the air and putting the force of her body weight behind trying to break the tape. The strength of over a roll of tape however wins and Johannie finds her bonds slightly loosed but not undone. Johannie starts to resolve herself to the fact that she's going to be tied to this pole till someone comes and releases her.

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