Elizabeth Andrews : The worthless assistant

25 photos; 15:11 video

October 9, 2020

Im currently very annoyed with you. So annoyed that I dont even want to look at your face. Your work has now become mine because of your lack of work ethic. I know how much you love my legs in high heels. How much you want to rub your face and hands all over my pantyhose legs. And good boys are rewarded with such pleasure. However, you are being punished. You will sit on the floor and not say a word. You will watch me walk back and forth tantalizing you with the sheen on my Wolford pantyhose. Oh, they are so soft but you will never find out. You are not allowed to touch them. You are not allowed to smell them. You are not to experience their euphoric state. Today, you ONLY get to watch and listen as my high heels click across the hard wood floor. You get to feel my annoyance at you grow as I threaten to kick you in the face with my high heel. Next time you will show better work ethic. You are hard to ignore, get out of my face. Now run along to the bathroom and take a 10-minute tension relieving break, you are a worthless excuse for an assistant. 

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