Carissa Montgomery: Electrical taped and forced to drool all over her breasts

18 photos; 13:54 video

October 6. 2020

Mr. Big Boss was in a business meeting. It was hard for him to focus on the mundane presentation when all he could think about was busty Carissa shimming her tight ass around the office. The way the tops of her stockings peaked out of the split in her skirt when she walked by. The tight material of the skirt, stretching over her ass, as she bent over to pick up that pencil she carelessly dropped in front of his desk. He found himself unable to pay attention to the meeting any longer, Mr. Big Boss found his thoughts way more entertaining. And he couldn't stop thinking about what he was going to do to Carissa, when this meeting let out...


Carissa and the Boss were in a part of the warehouse. Carissa was wearing nude pantyhose, a black thong,a nude pantyhose top, which her breasts pressed tightly against, and high heels. He added a stocking over top of her head. Mr. Big Boss picked up a ring gag head harness and placed the ring into Carissa's mouth, on top of the stocking. He then buckled and adjusted the straps to make sure the gag was tight. Carissa flicked her tongue against the nylon that was stretched across her mouth. The 2 inch ring gag pried her lips apart, making Carissa drool.


Once the gag was secured, Mr. Big Boss took a roll of electrical tape and taped Carissa's elbows and wrists together. He then crisscrossed electrical tape down her arms to add to the restrictiveness. While he was doing this, Carissa's drool started to run down her chin and onto her nylon covered breasts. The nylon covering her chin was quickly being soaked from her drool. She continued to push her tongue against the nylon covering her mouth, forcing more drool to run down her chin.


Mr. Big Boss moved to electrical taping her legs. He started with her ankles, knees, and then thighs. He crisscrossed more electrical tape from each section. Carissa became unstable in her high heels, from having her legs taped so tightly together. The Boss re positioned her under the large hook hanging from the ceiling. He attached a piece of rope from the d ring on the top of the ring gag head harness to the big hook. It forced Carissa to keep her head lifted. Mr. Big Boss stated he wanted to give her more support as he pinched her nipples.


Finally, Mr. big Boss had other matters to attend to; like actually paying attention in the meeting.So he left Carissa taped up in the warehouse, her mouth pried open from the ring between her teeth,forcing her to drool all over her nylon covered breasts, while a rope attached to a hook in the ceiling kept her in place. It was a good place for her to be, just in case he wanted to revisit her.

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