Arielle Lane - Latex Bound In The Basement

15 photos; 14:06 video

October 3, 2020


Arielle is forced into the basement dressed in skimpy latex lingerie and her wrists are quickly forced behind her back and bound tightly. With that obstacle out of the way David quickly shoves a head harness panel ballgag into her mouth buckling the numerous straps about her head sealing her mouth with the unforgiving rubber ball. Her head harness is then tied off to a hook in the ceiling, holding her in place while David binds her thighs and elbows. Her back is bowed by a rope which sharply pulls her back and is attached to her legs and arms. With her legs so tightly bound she cant really do much but wiggle back and forth. David enjoys her like that for a moment but realizes that its not a long term way to leave her and unties it after a bit of fun. One more rope comes out and he binds it around her waist cinching her arms to her body and giving her bondage one last bit of cinching tightness. Arielle is then left to struggle for a bit alone with just her bondage and gag to keep her company. David comes in and gropes her one last time telling her that hell eventually return to release her and Arielle moans at what is most assuredly to be a very long night indeed.

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