Summer Peters - Over Powered and Electrical Taped

20 photos; 16:35 video

September 27, 2020

Summer is XXXX into her living room and pushed down onto her stomach on the couch. The man with a handful of black electrical tape gets to work wrapping her wrists tightly together with the smooth, black, tape. Not one to leave things to chance the man starts wrapping concentric lines up her arms further binding her forearms tightly together as Summer tries to wiggle her way forward off the couch and out of his grasp. Another winding of tape around the elbows finishes her arms off and the man flips her around taking the tape to her ankles and restraining them tightly as well. Summer is then sat up and her mouth is packed with a white cloth before even more electrical tape is wound around her head as a gag pulling the packing further into her mouth. With Summer restrained rather well so far the man starts putting even more tape on her helpless form starting with her calves and then moving on to her thighs, another wrap around her caves and then standing her up to restrain her arms to her body. The man unbuttons her blouse and wraps even more tape around her body under her breasts and Summer is made increasingly aware of just how fucked she is. With her under good control the man takes her breasts out of her bra and gives them a few good squeezes before heading off leaving her to struggle on the couch. She doesn't manage to gain an inch on her tight bonds though and when the man returns she's just where he left her. With a few more fondles he taunts her about her wanting him to let her go and pinches her nipples a bit. He leaves her to struggle a bit more and she moans and struggles knowing that she's been completely defeated. When he returns he puts her on the ground and she starts to try to wiggle away from him which he quickly defeats by dragging her back to him, her pantyhosed ass sliding nicely across the wood floor. As she struggles her skirt rides up and eventually she rolls around and realizes that she is completely defeated. All she can do is wish and hope that the man might have some mercy on her.


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