Arielle Lane: Latex Domme Dominated

44 photos; 13:06 video

September 12, 2020


Arielle Lane paces back and forth with a paddle in her hand as she waits for her client to arrive. Her latex outfit and shiny knee high boots compliment her every move. How dare the client make her wait like this, she thinks to herself as she paces. Her precious time being eaten a way by a lowly submissive client. Hrmph. Arielle's agitation grows. Suddenly, her client appears and gets down on his knees in front of her. He reaches out to touch her boots but instead forcefully grabs Arielle. She spins around trying to get out of his grasp but he is much larger than her and she cannot escape. The client wrestles her into a shiny leather armbinder while Arielle tries to wiggle away from his grasp. Next, he forces the ring gag part of a leather bishop buckle gag into her mouth. He buckles it tightly, forcing the ring gag deep into her mouth. Taking advantage of the situation that he created, the client then gropes the bound domme and uses the paddle she previously waved around, on her. To make sure she cannot go very far, he adds a set of ankle cuffs over her booted ankles and then chains them together. He closes the leather panel part of her gag and then leaves Arielle to struggle. But, the worse has yet to come for Arielle. When the client makes his way back into the room, he pulls down the latex cups covering her breasts. He then adds a set of nipple clamps with large rings hanging from them. The client ties a rope to the rings and leashes them off to her ankles, leaving Arielle in quite an uncomfortable, agonizing stance. Arielle tries to struggle, but with each step the rope pulls on her nipples. She grunts behind the gag as her pain and discomfort. How long will he continue to use Arielle as his play toy? Will we find out?

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