Bondage Games with AJ Marion & Elizabeth Andrews

37 photos; 11:13 video

April 7, 2019


From Nylon Obsession ( I will start incorporating some of these videos since fans have asked)


Poor pitiful you. All tied up in the chair across the room while AJ and I tease you. We have lots of toys for your enjoyment...or maybe it will be your demise. I guess that depends on how much you enjoy suffering under our finger tips. A phallic plug gag, multiple pairs of nipple clamps, a ball gag, a crop and a cane. There is also a blindfold, weights for your nipple clamps, and probably the worst toy of all... a bell. First we want to see you suffer with nipple clamps, individual clover clamps with large rings attached to be exact. I place them on you and you wince at the pain flowing through your sensitive nipples. Next, is the toy you are going to despise the most- a bell. I tie this bell to your penis and every time your penis twitches, gets more excited, or moves the bell will ring. Each time the bell rings that prolongs the time until you get release. If I were you, I'd do some breathing exercises. Oh what was that sound? Did I just hear the bell ring? We will be keeping count. You and then ballgag and blindfolded. While you are blindfolded AJ and I rub our bodies up against each other. Hopefully you are peeking because if you are there will be punishment later. Don't forget about the crop and cane. Oh did I hear your bell ring again? It's ringing so much I'm losing count. I'm feeling nice so I take off your blindfold so you can see what's going on, but AJ isn't feeling very nice. She wants to see you in more pain. AJ adds another set of nipple clamps to your suffering nipples and your inability to control your movements makes your bell jingle like crazy. It has jingled so much that we've lost count and you've lost the ability to have any kind of release. Instead, you get a little punishment. I slap your balls with the crop and your bell jingling is like music to our ears. We bid you goodbye, but you are going to be stuck tied up in the chair for quite a while. Have fun! 

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