Belle Davis - Testing Magic Bondage Devices

24 photos; 16:28 video

April 5, 2019


Belle walks into the room and picks up a folder beginning to read over it with the instructions for a gag that is in the box on the desk.  It's a magic self bondage system and Belle starts putting it to use by saying the magic words "I wish i wish my _____ were tied" she does this for her ankles and thighs before finally just going full tilt and saying "I wish i wish i was completely tied up". With a flash she is and she starts struggling against the chair.  Finally she tests out the last part by saying "I wish i wish i was gagged" the bondage obliges her till she tries to get out and realizes that it's either malfunctioning or she just didn't read the instructions well. After Belle is extricated from her bondage we find her at the desk testing gags again with a pump gag that she inserts in her mouth strapping it tightly around her head. When it's time for the gag to come off she can't manage though and calls support to help her.  Someone comes in and releases the valve before letting her take it off.  The last part has Belle gagging herself with a bishop 8 buckle gag and stripping down beside the desk for a bit of extra visual treat.

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