Cobie: Cat Burglar - Entangled in Rope

45 photos; 14:40 video

March 20, 2019


Cobie is a cat burglar who has always enjoyed the thrill of being caught in action. So when Cobie gets caught slinking around an office in a tight pvc cat suit and matching boots, she begins to giggle with excitement. What kind of punishment will her captor subdue her with? Will she be able to escape his dubious attempts at capturing her? Will the thing she came to steal end up in her possession? Her lucky captor pulls out rope and grabs her from behind. He starts to bind her wrists behind her back as she wiggles and squirms trying to loosen his grasp. She gets a hold of his spare ropes and tosses them off the desk, which prompts the owner of the house to bind her elbows tightly together to immobilize her further. Her tight pvc cat suit screams tie me up and that is exactly what he plans to do with her. Once her arms are tightly bound, he picks her up to reposition her on the floor in front of the desk. Cobie squeals begging him not to drop her. Her ankles are tightly bound while she is taunted about how the fun is just beginning. Cobie doesn't like the sound of this. She may have taken her game of getting caught a little too far this time. Her ankles are bound together and her mouth is silenced with a wad of white cloth. Microfoam tape is tightly wound around her stuffed mouth to prevent her spitting out the cloth. Another rope is added to her legs before she is hogtied and left. The owner of the house has a dinner engagement to attend and he really hopes Cobie is still nicely bound and gagged when he returns home. This is Cobie's attempt to escape, even if it may a futile one.

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