Dakkota : I'm tying you up for your safety

19 photos; 14:58 video

March 16, 2019


Part of the Fire Drill Bondage Challenge Series 


Dakkota waited patiently for the Boss in her office. She had no clue why he wanted to see her but was sure she would find out soon enough. Mr. Big Boss walked into the office with his briefcase full of rope and gagging material. The secretary's' safety was of the utmost importance to Mr. Big Boss. He wanted all the secretaries trained on how to escape from bondage. He knew they wouldn't abuse this because most of the secretaries loved to be tied up. Especially if it meant they didn't have to type reports or file. Dakkota was a relatively new secretary to D.I.D and the Boss thought it was time she did a little escape training. 


Mr. Big Boss explained exactly what was going on to Dakkota and she looked a little apprehensive at first. It was as though she had never thought about there being a fire drill while she was tied up in her office. The Boss tied her arms together behind her back and then asked her to sit on the chair. He bound her ankles tightly and then pulled her arms up and over the high back chair. He then tied her wrists off to the chair. He always tied secretaries to chairs, not on chairs. This was going to make it a bit more difficult for Dakkota to escape from her chair tie. 


He took a piece of white cloth and stuffed Dakkota's mouth full. The Boss then wrapped micro foam tape tightly around her head, to ensure she couldn't spit the mouth stuffing out. Once her gag was secure, the Boss bid her farewell and good luck. He mentally started the timer to see how long it would take Dakkota to get free. 


Dakkota started pulling on the rope that connected her hands to the chair. It seemed she was making great progress at first. She concentrated hard on getting the cinches undone but it seemed like the rope kept coming and coming. Getting frustrated that she was still stuck to the chair, she tried harder. She stood up from the chair and tried to pull on the rope, it was still stuck. She got down on the ground and the chair came tumbling down with her. 


The Boss was watching her from his office and saw the predicament she was in. He decided to be nice and help her from the chair. The rest was up to her though. Dakkota knew she didn't have much time left to get out of the bondage and it was going to be even harder because she was losing the dexterity in her fingers. Somewhere amidst the struggle, Dakkota lost her high heels and was now just in stocking foot. She wiggled and writhed her arms back and forth trying to shake the wrist the bondage. Her wrist bondage was just too tight and didn't want to release. She tried to reach her hands upward and find the knot, but she had little success. Finally in a fury of struggling, Dakkota got her wrists free. She then started on her ankles. 


Mr. Big Boss watched Dakkota fumbled with her ankle rope knot. She had rolled over to her stomach and was trying to untie the knots by touch only. After sometime she kicked the ropes free off her ankles and all that was left was her elbows. Mr. Big Boss knew that was going to prove an impossible task so he went into the office where Dakkota was and helped her back into her high heels and escorted her out of the office. He reminded her that she just needed to be able to get herself out of the bondage enough that she could leave the room. Once she got her wrists unattached from the chair, she could have just untied her ankles and she would have been able to leave the room. She just needed to be careful ;) 

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