Belle Davis: Toe Tied by a Burglar

37 photos; 19:39 video

March 8, 2019

Belle Davis is sitting on the couch gossiping with one of her friends over the phone about the latest news. There is a guy who is breaking into people's houses, but instead of stealing anything, he is toe tying women into bondage and taking their pictures. Belle finds the whole situation funny and demands that she is smart enough to never let that happen to her, but little does Belle know that her home has already been infiltrated and behind the curtain stands the man in question. Belle giggles to herself about how stupid people are as the man emerges from behind the curtain and hand gags her. 

Belle wakes up to find herself already tied up in a hogtie. She rolls around and struggles in the bondage while cussing her captor. Soon he comes back in and ties her elbows together and adds a toe tie to her bondage. He taunts her and Belle becomes even more frustrated since she can't do anything about her current situation. 

Tired of listening to her complaints, the guy shoves a cloth into her mouth and then places several strips of duct tape over her mouth to help silence her. But he isn't finished with her yet, he adds a hair tie rope that attaches to her toe tie. Belle's dress rides up her legs and shows off the small black thong panties she is wearing but there is nothing she can do about it. She's helpless, hogtied, toe-tied and stuck. The man returns once again to taunt her and this time to take her picture. Belle is embarrassed and doesn't want her picture to be taken. What if it gets out? What if he posts it on the internet? What if?


Runtime: 19:39

Item #815

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