Reporter Perils: Lost Memories

47 photos; 21:04 video

February 28, 2019


Starring: Belle Davis, Serene Isley and Elizabeth Andrews 


Back story: 

I had gotten off of work at D.I.D and decided to head over to the The Star Reporter. I was still a bit shaken up by the video I had seen of myself being manhandled and tied up. I wanted to talk to Mr. Little about it and see if we could come up with any leads. Unfortunately he wasn't there but there was a envelope laying on my desk. I opened it up and found two pictures of a brunette woman tied up and gagged. She looked like she was in distress. I knew the woman. She was one of the socialites of the city.Her family was one of the founding families and they were quite wealthy. I wonder who she made mad enough to do something like this and why the pictures were sent to me. I looked for a return address but there was nothing. Just my name, printed very neatly in block letter on the front of the envelope. 


I called Belle Davis and asked her to meet me at the news paper office. She walked in looking very confident and none the worse for wear. I introduced myself and then showed her the pictures that were sent to me. She didn't remember any of it. I started to wonder if what happened to me was connected to her situation. Did they send me the pictures to give me a warning? Was I getting to close to breaking a big story and someone was trying to frighten me off? After watching the video I knew I was dealing with a big tall guy that wore a gold mask. If Belle was tied up in distress maybe acting out some bondage therapy would help jog her memory. 


I introduced the idea to her and she said she would participate. I gave her some rope and things to use for a gag. Belle decided that she wanted to start with the gag. She shoved a pair of panties in my mouth and then wrapped microfoam around it. The gag was tight and I wondered if Belle had experience in this field before. Her memory started to come back some after my gag was complete. She remembered that it was a woman who tied her up and that her arms were tied extremely tight. Belle picked up one of the pieces of rope and started to tie my arms together in hopes that she would remember more. I tried to communicate with her through my gag but she couldn't understand me. She continued to talk about how tight her arms were tied and how much it hurt. Suddenly she remembered the woman was wearing a catsuit and a mask. I wondered if we were dealing with more than one bad guy in this situation. Two masks villains and two women with no memories seemed quite coincidental to me. The only thing she could make out on the woman was that she was brunette. As Belle continued to tie me up, she remembered bits of pieces of what happened to her. The masked catsuit villian had stolen a priceless necklace from her. I tried to remember if anything of mine was missing and couldn't pin point anything. 


I attempted to reassure her behind my gag that we would catch whoever did this and bring them to justice. The more rope she applied to my body, the more she remembered. The woman had taken advantage of her in ways Belle didn't like. I asked her if she had been and had to demonstrate with my tied hands. She said she hadn't but the woman had been rough with her. Once my legs were tied together, she sat on the couch beside me. I could tell she was shaken about what had happened. She was so confused why someone would be that mean to her. Whoever was behind this was going to pay. Not just for messing with me but for messing with Belle too. I was going to make sure of it. I just wasn't sure where to start.... 


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