Jenna Holloway - Voluptuous Secretary Pole Tied With A Tight Microfoam Gag

33 photos; 16:12 video

February 26, 2019


Voluptuous Jenna Holloway is led into the warehouse by Mr. Big Boss. She is wearing a tight black dress paired with a pvc waist cincher and cheetah print shoes. Mr. Big Boss doesn't waste any time getting rope on Jenna. He ties her hands, behind her back, around the pole. Next, Mr. Big Boss lashes her elbows together and Jenna tries to hide the smile of enjoyment. She wiggles her pantyhose clad legs back and forth, reveling in the feel of the rope on her body. Her high heels click against the warehouse floor as she tires of standing. Mr. Big Boss picks up some printed mouth stuffing and microfoam tape. Jenna seductively opens her mouth and allows him to shove the cloth into her parted painted lips. He then tells her to leave her mouth parted. He cleave gags her with the microfoam tape before wrapping the tape tightly over it. Poor Jenna's mouth is pried open behind the tight microfoam tape wrap. A spark of despair gleams in her eyes as she becomes accustomed to the tight tape gag. Mr. Big Boss continues to add more rope to her body, securing her tightly to the pole. After he is done applying rope, he bids her farewell . Jenna shows off her sexy curves as she struggles against the cold, hard pole. 

Item #293

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