Reporter Perils: Snooping reporter caught!

37 photos; 15:03 video

February 24, 2019


Starring Candle Boxxx and David Andrews 


Candle had spent every waking hour for the last 2 months working on an undercover story for the Star Reporter. This was the story that was going to make her lead reporter, she could feel it. Her informant had told her exactly where to go to get the files she needed and that is what she was going to do! 


Candle quietly slipped into the room and spied a briefcase sitting on top of a desk. She was wearing a tight black top and black leggings with black pumps. She slid the black pumps off her bare feet. Candle looked through drawers of the desk and the briefcase but couldn't find exactly what she was looking for. Her informant had never let her down before. Candle was still searching the room when a big tall man with a black stocking on his head came barreling at her. He grabbed her by the waist and the two started to struggle. 


With Candle still in his grasp, the bad man lead her over to the couch, with her arms already bound behind her back. He shoved a white cloth in her mouth to help stiffle her screams. When that didn't help, he applied strips of duct tape over her mouth. He forced her down on the couch where he ripped her top open with his hands, revealing her perky breasts. Candle was horrified this was happening to her. She had known co-reporters who had ended up in a tight spot like this before, but never her! With her breasts fully on display, the unknown man flipped Candle over on to her stomach and started adding more rope to her. She felt him grabbed her feet and he started to loop rope around her big toes and before she knew it, they were both lashed together. Candle wiggled her feet back and forth trying to shake the toe tie but it was too tight. Satisfied with capturing the snoopy reporter, the bad man left Candle on the couch to struggle against the tight ropes. Candle continued to struggle. She struggled so hard that she fell off the couch. She moved around the floor, maneuvering herself to the door. She kicked her bound feet and toes against the door, hoping to make enough noise for someone to come to her rescue. She quickly thought against it, since she was still in the bad man's house. Who knew what kind of reinforcements he was going to bring back with him. 


After struggling and struggling, Candle finally got out of the bondage. She was exhausted. She removed the tape off of her face and threw the large mouth stuffing onto the floor. She quietly sneaked out just as she had come in. 


Candle was back home and quite frustrated that she didn't get the information she needed. She was standing in front of her closest, wearing nothing but jeans, when she heard a noise. She went to her bedroom door with her shirt in her hand. Suddenly the man from before grabbed her and threw her on the bed. It was then when Candle realized that she had been compromised by her informant. The big bad man shoved something in her mouth and then put tape over her mouth again. She wrestled against him but it was no hope. He applied rope to her elbows, breasts and toes. Candle fought against him, she didn't want to be in this predicament. All kind of bad thoughts were floating around in her head. The man had briefly disappeared and Candle tried to hop out of the room with her toes tied together but the man stopped her at the door way. He threw her back on the bed and hogtied her to insure she wouldn't go anywhere. The bad man threaded a thin rope through Candle's big toes and then tied it off to her hogtie rope. Bouts of pain ran through out Candle's toes every time she struggled against the rope. Finally she gave up and sank into the bed, defeated. 

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