GiGi & Elizabeth Andrews : Tape Gagged Torture With Miss Andrews

24 photos; 16:45 video

February 16, 2019


GiGi is one of my favorite secretaries to be mean to. She sat patiently on the stool in a pantyhose top and bottom, teal lingerie and matching high heels. I was wearing tight jeans, leather knee high boots, a white button up shirt and a wide leather belt. I stood beside GiGi and asked her to choose with of the pantyhose legs, I cut earlier, she wanted as her mouth stuffing. She choose one and I gagged her with it. I told her to help me pull the other pantyhose leg over her head. She was a bit confused why I wanted to do this but I told her she would find out soon enough. Before getting started with the mean part of her gag, I freed her pony tail from underneath the pantyhose hood.I picked up a roll of black vetrap and wrapped it over her pantyhosed mouth. I then proceeded to wrap her head, gwen hood style, with the black vetrap. GiGi complained as the wrap got tighter and tighter. One minute she loved me, the next she was cursing me. Once I was done with her head wrap, I picked up a roll of wide electrical tape and taunted her with it. I told her I was going to wrap her entire head in it. GiGi gave me big please no eyes. I took the electrical tape and wrapped it around her mouth, stretching it out to make it even tighter. GiGi didn't look too happy. I cut two small holes in the pantyhose to make it easier for her to breathe and then decided I wanted to see her eyes. So, I cut the eyes and nose portion of the pantyhose out. GiGi was a little relieved that I did that.I made her stand up and I taped her wrists together with the wide tape. I then took a roll of thin electrical tape and bound her elbows together with it. I criss-crossed it down her arms, to bring them closer together. GiGi actually liked the way the wide tape felt on her arms but she was still cursing at me about how tight the gag was. She continued to talk behind the gag and I couldn't quite understand her. Mr. Big Boss was in the room as well, so he translated what she was saying. Some of it, she would get in trouble for later. I had GiGi get down on the floor and taunted her a bit more. I then taped her ankles and thighs together, doing a matching criss cross down her legs to match her arms.Once I was finished with applying tape to GiGi, I went over to the stool and sat down. I told her to struggle for me on the floor and she did. She looked like she was in such agony. I felt a little bad so I told her if she rolled across the floor and kissed the tip of my boot I would take the tight vetrap hood off of her. After a few tries, she accomplished the task. Though I made her kiss the tip of my boot twice. 

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