Serene Isley : Leather Strap Hogtie & Catsuit

70 photos; 16:11 video

February 14, 2019


Serene is waiting on Mr Big Boss on his desk reclining and posing in her catsuit when he gets back and swiftly sweeps her up onto her high heeled feet and fits her arms tightly behind her back with his Ledermeister armbinder. Her mouth is muzzled next with a head harness panel ball gag before her ankes are cuffed and attached together and her throat is fixed with a collar and lead. Mr Big Boss then turns to the next phase of his high heel session with her by having her follow behind hi the m quickly with her hobble very short. She manages this and he gropes her and hard handles her a bit before leaving her to struggle in the room. She wiggles and raises her legs in the air seductively on the desk before Mr Big Boss finally returns. He adds a blindfold to her situation and replaces her cuffs with a leather strap. Lowering her to the floor he pulls her tightly from the head harness back to her ankles managing to find the final extra hole he'd had to punch for Ms. Sterling before. Mr Big Boss returns one final time to unzip Ms Isley's catsuit and give her nipples a bit of a pinch before finally heading out leaving her to struggle on the floor.

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