Raven Eve - Tightly Hogtied on the Desk

40 photos; 16:36 video

February 12, 2019


Raven is back and a bit more aware of how things go down at DiD now.  He starts to gather rope and she gets a bit giddy having realized just how much she really likes being tied up.  Mr. Big Boss admires her heels a bit before grabbing her arms and pulling them behind her back.  Her wrists are tied first and then she finds herself chewing on a head harness panel ballgag while Mr. Big Boss pulls her elbows together behind her back binding them tightly together.  Her ankles are bound next and she’s forced to walk a bit in a slight hobble getting better at the shoes.  Confident in her abilities Mr. Big Boss unties her ankles and tightens the bondage rolling her onto her stomach on the desk and putting her in a hogtie.  Not content with how tight it is he returns after a bit and ties her arches together before pulling that rope to her head harness, pulling her head back towards her feet and creating much meaner bondage.  With the rope tied off he leaves her on the desk to take a lunch meeting giving Raven a few parting gropes as he heads out of the room.

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