Elizabeth Andrews : Nosey Neighbor Endures Tight Ties

46 photos; 18:39 video

February 10, 2019


Lizz has a new neighbor that has had some rather interesting guests as of late and shes interested in just what might be going on next door. She finds herself sneaking around the back of his home and after locating a basement door that is unlocked she ventures inside looking over a weird collection of what appear to be props in the corner just inside the door. After finding a light she looks around a bit still questioning what might be going on here. Moving the curtain she finds a staircase and starts looking around behind the other basement door. She takes a quick peek in the other room and then starts slowly and quietly venturing up the staircase. She locates a room in the upstairs that has an interesting device in it which she cant quite figure out what its use is. Crawling around a bit on it trying out some positions she notices a few interesting things about it before getting caught by a loud man. Lizz finds herself tied to the post and quickly has her very talkative mouth packed with blue panties before having it sealed with microfoam tape. With the gag applied and Lizz held securely in place she at least has a good realization of what the stand is for. Struggling against her tight bondage Lizz moans and writhes against the ropes but makes no headway and eventually finds herself yet further bound as the man returns and places ropes on her ankles forcing them up to her body higher and making her hogtie all the more strict. Satisfied with his work the man leaves her to struggle again. Lizz definitely isnt making any headway with this even stricter version of the previous tie and she moans against the gag as she suffers in the ropes. Eventually he returns and takes a few choice gropes of her breasts and soon Lizz finds herself moved to a standing tie with her legs spread out and tied to eyebolts and her arms still tightly bound behind her back. The man returns and takes a rope tied off to her neck and ties it down to the pole pulling her into a bent over position. After finishing the knot the man gropes her ass a few times in its new exposed position before leaving her to struggle again. Lizz strains in the very awkward and taxing position pulling her high heeled feet against her leg bonds but making no headway. Lizz angrily yells at her bondage scenario hoping that eventually the man might let her go and free her from the perverted captivity shes been subjected to thus far. 

Item #275

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