Amanda Reigh: Strained and Blindfolded

32 photos; 14:33 video

February 02, 2019


Amanda Reigh is standing in the foyer with David Andrews. She is wearing a printed leotard, very small gold spandex shorts, pantyhose, and gold platform heels. David plans to put her in some straining positions and see how well she does with them. First, her arms are tightly bound behind her back with jute rope. David then presents a very large piece of cloth that is shoved into her mouth. A worrisome look overcomes Amanda's face as she realizes that she is about to be gagged with that. However, David has quite the grin on his face because he knows this will be difficult for her. David struggles to get all the mouth stuffing into her mouth but once he is satisfied, he takes out a roll of thin black electrical tape and starts to wrap it around her muffled mouth. Amanda watches precariously as the tape is wound again and again around her head, making the gag tighter with each wrap. She tries to talk behind the muffling the gag but her words are indecipherable. A tight gag should be the least of her worries as David ties a rope around her dainty neck. Once secured into place, he ties the rope off to the banner upstairs, immobilizing Amanda further. She struggles with the position as she becomes off kilter in the platform heels. Amanda struggles around applying the slightest amount of pressure on the neck rope. David re-enters the scene and forcibly gropes her. He then leaves her to struggle with the uncertainness of how to struggle with the rope around her neck. David threatens to take her high heels off to make the tie more of a predicament, but instead he releases her so he can re-tie her in to something a bit more challenging.

Her gag is removed and her mouth is re-stuffed with a large white cloth. Microfoam tape is then wound tightly around her mouth. Her ankles and then bound together and a strappado rope is attached to her wrists. David ties the rope to the banister upstairs, hoisting Amanda's arms into a stringent position. As her Amanda's arms start to strain from the position, she tries to find comfort but the effort is futile. David comes in and adds a black leather blindfold to her already compromising position. Amanda is then left alone to teeter back and forth in the strappado without being able to see or communicate.

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