Carissa Montgomery : Arched Pulley Hogtie

31 photos; 15:10 video

February 02, 2018


Carissa was standing in the warehouse wearing a tight, short black tube dress. The Boss had plans for her but wouldn't tell her exactly what they were. He tied her wrists behind her back and then gagged her with a panel head harness gag. Mr. Big Boss cinched her elbows tightly together before adding an upper harness around her shoulders. He had Carissa sit on the table behind her. Mr. Big Boss pulled the top of her dress down, revealing her big breasts. He looped a piece of rope around each of her ankles. Carissa kicked her blue peep toe pumps back and forth waiting on his next move.Mr. Big Boss had Carissa lay on her stomach on the table. He looped a piece of rope through the d ring of her gag. Then he looped another piece of rope through the shoulder harness and tied it off to a pulley that was hanging from the ceiling. He gathered the ropes from each ankle and tied those to the same pulley. With Carissa's upper body and ankles connected to the pulley, the Boss hoisted the pulley up in the air. Carissa made a recognizable "that's enough" grunt. He grabbed the last loose rope, which was connected to the top of her gag, and tied it off to the pulley as well. Mr. Big Boss didn't think Carissa was arched up enough, so he hoisted the pulley even higher. The Boss then grabbed Carissa's bound arms and strappadoed them to the pulley. Carissa did not seem too happy about that. She winced and groaned behind the leather gag. Her big breasts were pressed into the table as everything else was lifted in the air. She tried to move as much as she could but at the end all she could do was wiggle her high heels.

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