Constance, Tara Tied and Elizabeth Andrews : Caught And Tape Tied Together

39 photos; 14:53 video

January 27, 2019

Constance and Tara are talking about their latest heist when they are interrupted by Lizz in a catsuit who walks in and forces them to gag each other with mouth packing and tape. Constance gags Tara and then Elizabeth has Tara return the favor before having Constance tightly tape Tara's ankles and wrists before having her Tara a bit. Elizabeth then moves in and starts securing Constance first at the wrists and then ankles. Lizz then adds a ring of tape around the body before going and leaving the two women bound and gagged in the living room. After taking back her property she has the ladies move to the ground where she tapes them back to back leaving them to struggle in that awkward position while she makes her escape. First however she tells them of some friends shes called to come over and give them a bit of a treatment with some other male friends of his. This makes Constance and Tarastruggle furiously as Lizz places the call but there's nothing the can do against the tight tape.

Item #801

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