Drea Morgan: Hide-n-seek

31 photos; 15:11 video

Drea Morgan came rushing through the lobby in a tight red hottskirt, printed top and oxford style high heels. She was out of breath and had a huge grin on her face. She kneeled beside the couch, closest to the wall, and hid as best she could from the Boss. Mr. Big Boss came into the lobby with a briefcase in his hand. He'd been searching for Drea all over the office. Their little game of hide and seek in his office got out of hand and spilled out into the office building. He placed the briefcase on the couch and started to pull his ropes out, so he would be ready for her. The Boss walked over to the edge of the couch and scooped Drea up off the floor. She kicked, giggled and tried to squirm out of his grasp. Mr. Big Boss wrestled her to the floor, applying his body weight as an anchor. Just when the Boss thought he had Drea's wrists pinned behind her back, she slipped his hold and tried to wiggle away. The Boss's long reach kept her from going too far. Mr. Big Boss tried different maneuver's to keep Drea's arms pinned behind her back long enough to get rope on her wrists, but Drea found a way to halt any advancements. With one final burst of struggling, Drea conceded her wrists to the Boss.

Drea waited until her wrists were bound before she tried to quickly spin out of the Boss' reach. It didn't work. He grabbed her ankles and started to apply the rope. Drea kicked and squirmed not wanting to admit defeat. The Boss teased and taunted her about how she always lost the office games and it motivated Drea to struggle harder. But the harder she struggled the more winded she became. It took the Boss half the time to tie her ankles and elbows versus her wrists. Next was the gag. Drea knew she had lost but she didn't want to admit it. When Mr. Big Boss brought the red cloth up to Drea's mouth, she refused to open it. The Boss covered her mouth with his large hand. Drea's eyes went huge as she tried to breath, she gave in. The Boss shoved the mouth stuffing in between her lips and sealed them shut with microfoam tape.

Drea still thought she could get away though. The Boss was preoccupied with readying more rope when Drea stood up from the floor in her bondage and tried to hop towards the open door. Mr. Big Boss saw Drea start to leap away and quickly grabbed her and placed her on the couch. He untied her ankle ropes, only to tie them back crossed to prevent Drea from hopping away again. He added a rope cinch around her waist to pin her arms close to her body. Drea tried to hop away anyway and fell back on the couch in defeat. The Boss taunted her a little more about losing the game of hide and seek. Drea sat on the couch with big eyes looking over the top of her tight tape gag. The Boss left Drea on the couch and she spent the rest of the time struggling all over the floor and couch of the lobby.

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